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12/17.5/24 KV AIS

1.Structure and Features:
 ·Metal-Clad enclosed, air composite insulation, VCB (VD4/HD4) withdrawable
 ·Four compartments (VCB, busbar, cable terminal and LV)
 ·Interlocking system
 ·Wall mounted or back-to-back installation
 ·Internal arc classified IAC AFLR (arc duct)
 ·Motor operation for withdrawable VCB and earthing switch
 ·Power automation system (optional)
2.Technical data:
 ·Standardized by: GB/DIN/IEC
 ·Rated voltage: 12/24KV
 ·Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
 ·Rated main busbar current: 4000A
 ·Rated short time withstand current: 50KA/3S
 ·Arc proof withstand current: 40KA/1s 50KA/0.5s
 ·Lightning impulse withstand current: 125/100KA
 ·Degree of protection: IP4X

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