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RTU500 series

The RTU500 series comprises ABB’s complete RTU product portfolio with a clear structure and a maximum of flexibility. The open architecture enables adaptations to a variety of electrical and process automation applications. Functional and hardware extensions can be realized quickly and easily.

To ensure that our products are suitable for your specific system the RTU500 series is structured in product lines, modules and functions and software:
  • RTU560 product line
  • RTU540 product line
  • RTU520 product line
  • RTU511 product line
  • RTU500 series modules
  • RTU500 series functions and software.

The product lines represent the basic products plus those modules which can be used with a product line. Modules which can be combined with all product lines are comprised under RTU500 series modules, enabling customers to adapt RTUs to their demands.

For appropriate functionality of specific requirements the RTU500 series functions and software offer one software to support all product lines.
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