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Economic Fully assembled and ready for interconnection - Fast, easy installation


  • Fully tested and calibrated - reduced startup and commissioning cost                       
  • Small footprint - Lower site preparation cost and associated risk                                    
  • Lower engineering cost - with ARGEN's experience comes engineering efficiency                                    

All-Inclusive Integral disconnect, ground switch, and/or circuit breakers                                    


  • Capacitor switches with transient mitigation                                    
  • Integral control system with manual and automatic controls                                    
  • Integral protection system                                    
  • Individually fused capacitors                                    
  • Internal PTs and CTs for control, metering, and protection                                    
  • Surge protection                                    

Flexibility Equipment that matches your needs - Configured to your site's electrical and physical requirements


  • Designed to meet your performance goals                                    

Reliability     Key components are protected from wildlfie and atmospheric contaminants                                   



  • More likely to be maintained as equipment is at ground level                                    
  • Designed and built by an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a proven track record of quality and performance                          

Simplicity    Easy to purchase - Single vendor for the entire project             


  • Fully integrated design - Leave the design, assembly, setting, calibrating, testing, and commissioning to ARGEN                              

Durability    Resists effects of corrosion, dust, solar radiation, snow, and rain      


  • Marine based paint system over galvanneal steel                                    
  • All stainless steel hardware                                    
  • Seismic, wind, and snow load rated                                    

Safety    Enclosure protects against inadvertent contact                      


  • Key interlock system for safety and proper sequence of operation                                    

Performance     Reduces kVA billing and power factor penalties     


  • Improves voltage profile                                    
  • Var support for IPP interconnect requirements                                    
  • Increases power flow capability                                    
  • Release system capacity                                    
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