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CLMD construction
The CLMD capacitor consists of a number of wound
elements made with a dielectric of metallized
polypropylene film. These dry windings are
provided with a sequential disconnector ensuring
that each element can be reliably and selectively
disconnected from the circuit at the end of its life.
The capacitor elements receive a treatment under
vacuum in order to ensure perfect electrical
characteristics. Each winding is placed in a plastic
case and encapsulated in thermo-setting resine in
order to obtain a perfectly sealed element.

Wire connection
Metal end spray
In-house metallised polypropylene film (unique profile)
Secondary foil winding
Biaxially oriented polypropylene dielectric
Thermo-setting encapsulation
Plastic case
Fuse link
The elements are placed inside a sheet steel box
and connected in such a way as to supply the
single or three-phase power at the required voltage
and frequency.
The sheet steel box is filled with inorganic, inert
and fire proof granules in order to absorb the
energy produced or to extinguish any flames in
case of a possible defect at the end of an element’s
life. The CLMD is also provided with thermal
equalizers to ensure effective heat dissipation.
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