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The RVT Touch Screen offers Power Factor control, measurements, monitoring and communication in a user-friendly fashion.

    • Complete three phase measurements
    • Touch screen
    • Up to 8 temperature probes connections
    • Real time clock
    • Hardware and software lock
    • It is also a MV/HV bank controller
    • Easy commissioning
    • Intuitive menu navigation
    • Guided navigation and programming
    • Communication: Ethernet, USB and RS485
    • Fully automatic set-up
    • Programmable warning/protection thresholds
    • Network information and bank monitoring
    • Multi-language support
    • High ambient temperature rating
    • Multi voltage and multi frequency
    • Works with 5A and 1A CT’s
    • Digital inputs
    • Two alarm relay outputs and fan/warning output
    • On-line help
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