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Chauvin Arnoux QualiSTAR Plus CA 8335 Power Quality Analyser

The Chauvin Arnoux QualiSTAR Plus CA 8335 is a three-phase network and energy analyser for electrical grids and transients and is designed for inspection and maintenance teams in industrial and administrative buildings. The QualiSTAR+ 8335 is perfect for efficient network quality checks and comprehensive analysis of the results and enables the user to obtain an instant snapshot of the main characteristics of electrical network quality. The Chauvin Arnoux Quali Star Plus 8335 measures voltage, current, energy, reactive power values, harmonics (including triplen harmonics), flicker, power consumption, three-phase grid unbalance and transients with the capacity to record and monitor data. In addition this top of the range QualiSTAR+ 8335 power quality meter has an inrush mode that can measure the maximum input current drawn by an electrical device when it is powered up. This measurement helps to size the electrical installation correctly. The CA8335 also offers simultaneous viewing of all four inputs, available as a graph, table or vectorial image. The Chauvin Arnoux C.A. 8335 has 4 voltage inputs upto 1000V and 4 current inputs upto 6500A allowing all the voltage, current and power parameters to be measured for the full diagnosis of an electrical installation.

The Qualistar CA 8335 power and energy analyser is a fantastic single phase and three phase analyser that offers real-time displays of the various waveforms on a wide VGA colour screen. To setup the device users enter general parameters directly and then select the type of network that the Qualistar is connected to. The colour-coded sensors connected are recognised automatically. A direct access button on the front of the QualistarPlus CA8335 allows screenshots to be taken at all times and automatically saved with a time & date stamping.

Global Total Harmonic Distortion and THD phase by phase shift of harmonics up to the 50th order can be calculated and the Chauvin Arnoux CA 8335 has an expert mode that can be used to analyse the influence of harmonics on heating of the neutral or rotating machines. In the power and energy modes the CA Qualistar 8335 displays all values concerning power and energy including W, Var, VA, Wh, Warh, VAh, Power Factor and Displacement Power Factor. The start and stop keys can be used to activate and deactivate totalising of the energies.

The transient mode of the CA power quality tester can be used to capture events on the voltage and current triggered according to thresholds. It can capture upto 300 transients per sample (1/256th of a period). The CA 8335 has user defined alarms which every time a threshold is overrun the Quali Star will time & date stamp the event, record its duration and save it with a graphic display of all the parameters. The CA 8335 offers intuitive operation with direct access buttons to the main functions and measurements. This makes the Chauvin Arnoux power analyser extremely straightforward to use with simultaneous operation of all five of the instrument's modes (recording, alarm, measurement, power and harmonics).

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